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Professional Timber Flooring Installation

Westech Flooring was established in 2003 from a growing demand for professional timber flooring installation – sand and polish.

Consultation & Onsite Visit

Documentation – Consultation – followed up by a professional install & sand and polish result in customer satisfaction.

When called up to quote a particular job, each item or product is named and priced, so that client can visually see what it is they are purchasing. With quotes that just summarise a job, the client should be asking the question, what type or name brand am I purchasing?

At the onsite visit, Westech Flooring will be gathering information about the area, ventilation and most importantly is the dwelling suited for timber flooring. Houses that have carpet or other types of flooring, the product may have to be partially removed so that the slab or substrate can be viewed. This is important with concrete slabs as they are not all the same, and the best suited vapour barrier will be determined. Finally the move in date will be discussed so that a start date can be determined.


Westech Flooring installs all timber flooring systems with precision.

Direct Stick

The slab is prepared, vapour barrier applied, timber flooring is installed with adhesive and top nailed accordingly.  The timber floor is fine sanded, and coated as per client’s request. Solvent polyurethane, water base polyurethane, oil based (all types). Floors can be finished off with bead or skirting

Plank on Plywood

The slab is prepared, vapour barrier applied. 12mm plywood is installed (adhered with glue top nailed to concrete). Glue is applied and timber is pinned in 400mm spans. Floor is coated as per client’s request.

Batons onto concrete

Generally hardwood batons are used (size – width and height need to be determined). Slab is prepared, vapour barrier applied, batons installed in 450mm spans (flexible adhesive is applied under baton) baton is drilled – doweled and permanently fixed to slab. Flexible adhesive is applied on the top of baton, 19mm timber is fixed to baton with pins. Timber floor is coated as per client’s request.

Staircases, Timber over concrete steps

The staircase is prepared, it is cladded with plywood and in most cases the treads are screeded for levelness. Timber is pinned to plywood with adhesive. Stairs are coated as per floor.

Laminate or floating floor

Underlay is applied over concrete, floor is interlocked in. Bead, scotia or skirting is installed.

Vinyl floor

Concrete is prepared, in most cases a level screed is applied. Adhesive is applied and vinyl planks are installed. Floor is finished off with bead, scotia or skirting.


WestechFlooring routinely installs custom Jarrah decks.